Where is Herb?

Palm Island: 2x Phantom Bannerfish
Ben: not giving coin
Sibiri: from x:39 to x:59

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  • Wellcome to a new original riddle. You have to crack the writing. You got to translate it from latin to Cyrillic. But it would not be that easy. Kilpailu has made his own alphabet. Which is put into words in Cyrillic. The advice is to pay vlose attention to small details on the pictures because they are very important.

    Good luck !


  • http://gameetblog.com/en/2016/07/02/the-fishao-legends/

    This link talks about top players in FISHAO game, about Legends club and also about our fishao.cz pages. We thank a lot and we also recommend site gameetblog.com with many interesting article from game world!


  • Today we can see 5 new species in game…

    Spotted Sicklefish, Blind Cave Eel, Golden Trevally, Bonnethead Shark, Winghead Shark



  • It is common sawfish with length 484 cm. And reward? Running shoes version 2.0, which are double faster than common running shoes. First information says that after bite common graphic appeared with balancing arrows and narrow green stripe typical for 5* fish but progress took about 2 minutes to catch it. After successful catch fish changes back to little baby and needs to be fed again to huge size.


  • Hi everyone! smile

    By now hopefully you would have seen and experienced the new updates in game. If not, heres a quick rundown for you:
    The Top 3 in Tournament for your Daily Quest has been removed
    The fruit crushing system on Palm Island has been greatly improved
    New Fish added to clubs
    A new “Power Booster” gadget added

    Now this Power Booster seems to be a great addition to the game and can help you immensely catching bigger fish. With 2 different boosters, a 25% and 50% power booster, it alows you for a short time to boost the power of the rod and line level you are currently using. Its great for those of you who still have a low line level or not the strongest rods to be able to catch some bigger fish and also give you a taste of the joy of catching them! It even might inspire you to save up your fish coins to upgrade your line and rod also in the game smile

    If you have had a go with this new “Power Booster” leaeve a comment and let us know how you found it and would you recommend it to others?

    Have a good day and happy fishing smile


  • Hi everyone!! Sorry its taken so long for a new article, have been abit busy with a few other things lately but now thats done and I can give you all more attention here!! By now you would have all experienced the new area Lucky Raft. If you have not done so yet, I advise you to get there as quick as you can and spin the wheel to win great daily prizes! The way to gain access to Lucky Raft is by spending real money on Fish coins. It doesn’t matter the amount you spend, just as long as you have have at least once purchased Fish coins with real money then you will have a lifetime pass to access Lucky Raft, that’s pretty cool I reckon! So if you have not done so already, fork out a couple dollars and purchase some coins to get you there. Doing this also supports Fishao and will continue to help the developers come up with many more new and wonderous things for our game.
    So if you have already spun the wheel I would love to hear the prizes you have got, leave a comment and tell us how lucky, or unlucky you have been smile


  • Hi everyone!

    If you didn’t already know, Fishao has a new area coming soon! The Fishao app page has 2 screen shots up of a little sneak peak of what can be seen here. It looks rather interesting to say the least! If you have not seen them already, head to the Fishao app page on facebook to have a look, or follow this link here https://www.facebook.com/Fishao/?fref=ts
    Let me know what you think of it and what do you think will happen in this new area. Will it be free? Will you need to be a certain level? Or is it going to be like Palm Island and cost you coins each month to access? So many questions and so little answers!!! Only time will tell, but I for one am very eagar to see what this new area has in store for us!


  • Hi everyone smile

    I would just like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is nahnook and I am one of the moderators for the English/USA servers. My friends Camel and Sotia have asked me if I could help out with the english side of this site so I am happy to come aboard and contribute to this side of their amazing work they have done in setting up and establishing a good following and valuable information already here, and only hope to live up to the top notch standard they have already set.

    So strap in and enjoy the ride with me! Be sure to check in later next week when I have my first player interview up. Who is it you say? Well you will have to come back and see 😉

    Happy fishing folks!


  • Everyone with the Lost Valley badge is facing the same problem: I need this and that fosil, but have no idea who has it… on top, I have some dupes in my fosils, which I would possibly exchange for the missing ones.

    Well, we try to present you a solution for this – out fosil traging platform.
    Čtěte dále »

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